Duo: Holo File Manager w/ Root


Here's what we are currently working on or what we are planning to work on in the near future:

New features
- Add ability to run simple commands (simple console). - Add action for moving an application from the user partition to the system partition (or the other way around). - Add action to create an application backup and restore it.
- Add thumbnails for more file types. - Improve task manager to display more detailed progress information for running tasks. - Improve search to enable searching within files rather than just in their name.

- Add support for LZMA compression in ZIP archives. - Add support for the ZIP64 extension in ZIP archives. - Add support for 7z archives (with BZ2, LZMA or LZMA2 compression). - Add support for RAR archives - Add support for encrypted archives. - Improve support for non-BSD tar archives.
New plugins & viewers
- FTP Plugin. - Box.com Plugin. - Wifi Direct Plugin. - Text file viewer and editor. - Image viewer and converter. - Video player (supporting data streams). - Audio player (with background mode).

You can request other features by submitting an enhancement request on our bug tracker. No registration is required.